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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Can Bake with a Little Help from my Friends

My Red Velvet Creations circa 2009
My lame, straight to cake-wrecks yesterday at baking red velvet cupcakes for Valentine's Day convinced me once and for all that I am not a baker. Not a scratch baker, that is, because I'm incapable of following a baking recipe exactly as it needs to be followed.  However, thanks to baking mixes and the talented teachers at Kake Kreations, (please see photo at right) I'm actually pretty good at putting together something delicious and beautiful. Thank you too Betty and Duncan.
A very important part of baking and decorating success are the tools and decorations that are available from Wilton, who have hundreds and hundreds of pans, molds, papers, cutters, embellishments, and more - something for everyone who bakes, from scratch or not.  Recently I found this vintage 1960's Wilton ideas book at a flea market, full of wonderful retro images, that I'm going to send to my friends Nancy and Gretchen at Wilton.  Maybe I'll see it when I make a pilgrimage to their headquarters outside of Chicago.

Not to show off, but here are a few more of my cake creations with the help from Kake Kreations and Wilton: 
1st Class Cake

Brush Embroidery Technique

Pretty Good, Huh?

And in the afterglow of Valentine's Day, here's a little hand-painted, decoupaged, and embellished heart-shaped box I made for a show at Zinnia's in South Pasadena.  The show is on until the end of the month so do stop by if you have a chance.  P.S.  There's a pretty little pink glass heart necklace in the box too - very sweet I think.


  1. Those cakes are gorgeous! You make the best cakes from mixes I've ever tasted. Since using mixes involve following directions too, although you always add your creative touch), I don't think your experience should make you give up on baking from scratch.

    1. Faye, thanks for the comments and encouragement. You're right about even having to follow directions on a mix, but maybe because there are just a few I can handle it. Full disclosure, I've actually failed with mixes too!

  2. But those "failures" were probably experiments in which you were trying something new and creative. That's the price of innovation.