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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Vegetarian?

Recently I was invited to an event to meet blogger (, food photographer, and cookbook author Michael Natkin.  His new, first book, "herbivoracious", published by the Harvard Common Press, is a beautiful, useful, practical, and aspirational collection of his recipes and philosophy that vegetarian cooking is very special while still accessible.

Melissa's Jalapenos + Lemon Grass
The recipe I chose to cook from the book, Aromatic Tofu Packets (p. 221), is not only composed of ingredients I already love, but it gave me the perfect reason to try the Paper Chef brand culinary parchment paper that was in my Camp Blogaway swag bag.  It's kind of amazing that you can put some tofu, veggies, chile peppers, sauces, and spices in a square of magic paper and end up with a steamy, incredibly fragrant, neatly wrapped packet of fantastic flavors.

In "herbivoracious" Michael asks the simple question "Why vegetarian?" then answers "Because vegetarian meals are good for you, tread more lightly on our planet's resources, and are kinder to animals."  Whether you agree with this 100% like I do, or if you just want to have more variety and healthful ingredients in your diet, you will surely be inspired by "herbivoracious".

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