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Friday, April 8, 2011

Extra! Extra!! Vegetarian Times Discovers Fantastic New Writer!

I'm thrilled to let you all know that Vegetarian Times magazine has published my story on Supper Clubs in the April/May issue.  As a vegetarian for 25 years,   
VT has helped guide me through a wonderful, 
plant-based, compassionate lifestyle filled with delicious, beautiful food.   Health experts, chefs,  and many other culinary professionals are now all in agreement that eating primarily fruits and  vegetables, with whole grains, legumes, soy,  and mainly unsaturated fats, + exercise,  is the best way to achieve wellness.   Plus, it opens up your culinary creativity to so many fantastic ingredients.
you may have overlooked in the past.

     The story was inspired by an idea to create a fun, low-key, stress-free way to bring people together to enjoy vegetarian food.  One of the recipes I picked for the story from the VT archives was a refreshing and colorful 3 Citrus Basil Cocktail or Mocktail.  While the theme of the story was "Spring", this is the perfect drink for anytime of the year, and it lets you choose your favorite citrus fruits of the season.  Though the original recipe calls for orange, lemon, and lime juice, I went with Pixie Tangerines, Kishu Mandarins, and a bit of lime.  I also used fresh frozen strawberries instead of the raspberries, so use the recipe as a guide to make this tasty drink your own. 

I hope you'll pick up a copy of the magazine - but you'd better hurry.  I hear the issue is flying off the shelves! 

For the Citrus Basil Cocktail recipe go to:

For more info about Pixie Tangerines, Kishu Mandarins, and every other citrus fruit known to man, go to:

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