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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Great Way to Start Your Day

Do you know why the first meal 'of the day' is called breakfast?  Because you've been sleeping and not eating for a few hours, kind of like a fast, and then you wake up and you eat something, thereby breaking the fast.  Don't you love it when words actually make sense?  

The reason why many people say breakfast is the most important meal 'of the day' is because eating revs up your metabolism which is very good.  And if that first meal 'of the day' includes a little protein, fiber, carbs, and some vitamins, minerals, and other good things, then you're more likely to stay energetic, focused, and away from tempting but nutrient poor snacks until you have your next healthy meal.

Why do I keep using 'of the day'?  Because 'du jour' 
is French for 'of the day' (there I go again), and 
commonly refers to an item that changes each day, 
e.g., soup du jour.  But since I'm talking about 
breakfast, today's recipe is Parfait du jour, and 
although 'du jour' usually means 'of the day' 
and changes each day, this parfait is so good 
you'll want to have this Parfait du Jour every jour.

Parfait du Jour  
2/3 cup high fiber twigs cereal (TJ's/99 Cents Store)
1 cup mixed red and green grapes
3 Tbsp. toasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
1 cup plain yogurt
1 Tbsp. ground flax seed 
3 Tbsp. pomegranate arils (aka seeds, but they're really the fruit around the seed and the seed)
2 Tbsp. chopped crystallized ginger

If you have a glass parfait glass that would be so nice, but any old bowl or glass will do.  Simply layer all the ingredients starting at the beginning of the list and the bottom of the glass.  Admire the beautiful layers.  Resist any urge to stir the parfait up, because part of the Parfait du Jour experience is to dig your spoon down to the bottom of the glass, scoop up a bit of everything, then put it all in your mouth and get ready for a fantastic surprise.  Do this a few more times, then you can start mixing it up a little and finish it on your own terms.

Also look for Melissa's Pomegranate Arils at your favorite supermarket! 
Although cousin Lee, a recent Parfait du Jour convert, likes to use sliced almonds and those are delicious too, since I am the all-knowing creator of this recipe please do it my way, at least the first time.

One more thing:  while Parfait du Jour is just about a perfect breakfast and you should have one every day, it also makes a very tasty before bedtime treat.


  1. This looks wonderful! I didn't know the crystallized ginger comes already chopped - so much easier!

  2. Pepitas! Love them and any recipe they get into.

  3. Faye & Cynthia, thanks for the positive feedback. The crystallized ginger is really the key to the great flavors in this recipe, but the toasted pepitas are a close second.

  4. I love toasted pepitas and have never thought of having them for breakfast! Great recipe!

    Wonderful meeting you at Camp Blogaway!

  5. Hi Average B,
    Thanks for the comment - pepitas are like avocados, delicious for every meal! OMG, pepitas & avocados together - yum. Great meeting you at Camp too. See you around the blogesphere and/or around town.