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Monday, September 16, 2013

This and That

Up until now my posts have been primarily food oriented, in spite of the "Adventures" in the title. This will now change, because although I believe my recipes are good, there's so much more to share.  From today going forward I will offer a few interesting places, people, events, and food (of course) from the last week or so, and hopefully you'll get some ideas to inspire your own comings and goings.


Terranea Resort - Palos Verdes, CA

Situated on bluffs above the Pacific 
Ocean in Palos Verdes, CA, this 5-diamond resort is a bit of heaven on earth.  

Compliments of Terranea

Catalina's Kitchen at Terranea Resort
Last week my mother and I enjoyed a most delightful birthday lunch on the patio of Catalina's Kitchen, one of the resorts many dining options.  The view, garden, setting, service, food, and weather were perfect, and a visit to Terranea is highly recommended.  

Gifts from the Garden

My friend Wendy is never too far from a garden or her kitchen, whipping up homemade breads, jams, and ice creams, often using fresh picked herbs and fruits.  As a b-day gift she cleverly took something from the kitchen and something from the garden to create this beautiful, unique planter.

And while we're in the garden, here's one of the small mosaic planters I recently made.  Broken tiles/china, glass beads, paint, and a terracotta pot -

Goodness Grapeness

When life hands you lots of sweet, juicy, seasonal Muscato Grapes (from Melissa's), you can whip up a tart or pie, or Parfait du Jour,  or my new favorite morning, noon, and bedtime snack - frozen grapes. 

Like little orbs of grape sorbet, a cupful will last a while and give you lots of grape goodness to enjoy. To freeze grapes, put a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet and place grapes on the sheet in a single layer.  Place in the freezer until the grapes are solid and then transfer the grapes to a freezer bag.  What's really cool is that each color (green, red, black) freezes differently, and each has it's own flavor and sweetness.

Another Contest I Didn't Win But Enjoyed Anyway

When my friend Valentina of Cooking on the Weekends
had her recent Share the Love Cooking Giveaway, one of her recipes that I prepared was the Meyer Lemon, Black Quinoa, Plum and Avocado Salad.  I swapped out the black quinoa with wheatberries, but otherwise it was as-is, incredibly delicious, and a big hit with my arts & crafts gal pals.

Until next time.....


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Dorothy! I think this concept is a good one for me. Glad you enjoyed it.

    2. Thanks Dorothy! I think this concept is a good one for me. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I have always wondered about Terranea Resort. Looks like a great place to spend your birthday! Happy belated bday!

    1. Cathy, you must visit Terranea, for a meal, a drink, or just to take in the surroundings. Thanks for the b-day wishes!

  3. I like your new direction. It's a treat to read about what you've been doing! So glad you had so much fun on your birthday!

    Your frozen grapes look so pretty--I'll have to try them. We bought a lot of grapes recently and some turned into homemade raisins. I keep the grapes in perforated containers (usually plastic strawberry boxes) and if I don't get to them, they often dry out, especially if they are small, and make good raisins.

    Your colorful salad of wheat berries, plums, avocado and red onion looks so delicious. Did you make the same dressing as Valetina did, with honey and mustard?

    1. The frozen grapes are so perfect for snacking, and they'd also be a fun substitute for ice cubes in a glass of sangria or a wine spritzer. Yes, I made the same dressing as Valentina and loved it.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Nancy! You've given me a new place to explore.