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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Best Thing I Personally Ever Ate At Samosa House

Best Spinach Pakoras I Ever Ate
My favorite Indian restaurant happens to be vegetarian (yeah), has a grocery store attached (yipee), is super affordable (thank you), and has what I'm sure are the best spinach pakoras on the planet (hallelujah).  When you visit their website ( or more better go there asap you'll find out that the Food Network actually filmed a segment there not too long ago and the best thing Aarti Sequeira (Aarti Party) ever ate is the Samosa House's namesake samosas.  So actually Samosa House has 2 best things someones ever eaten.  Are you going now?

My own Indian culinary creations are limited to a coconut curry tofu dish I make, and the last one featured fresh butternut squash, frozen (that's right) Italian green beans, Melissas's Red Fresno chiles, coconut milk, and some spices from friends Kaumudi Marathe' of  Un-Curry and from Patty Erd's The Spice House.  I used a bit of K's Bengali 5-Spice + More and quite a bit of Patty's Sweet Curry Powder which is "ideal for those who are new to the distinctive flavor of these Indian spices".  The 5-Spice Blend was whole spice so this went in the pan first for a light toasting, and the Sweet Curry Powder went in later for wonderful flavor and color.  Kaumudi had also recently given me some of her special Fresh Mango Mustard Seed Pickle and Spice Road Cashews, both of which perfectly garnished my coconut curry concoction.

The moral to this story is that if you want the best spinach pakoras on the planet visit Samosa House
If you want the best spices in the world visit The Spice House
To take an amazing cooking class or enjoy one of Kaumudi's fabulous pop-up dinners get in touch at
For the best fresh chiles, dried chiles, and every other produce item you'll ever need (until they discover something new) visit Melissa's Produce Company at


  1. This post is great! I read the first sentence aloud and Yakir thought it was about India Sweets and Spices. So far my favorite samosa is from there but I would love to try Samosa House with you.
    Loved your dish--butternut squash, flat beans, tofu, coconut milk, Indian spices, yum! How did you like the 5-Spice? I've never used it before.
    How did you add the Fresno chiles? Chopped? Halved and removed?

    I have been to The Spice House in Milwaukee and it was wonderful. There was a fantastic aroma of whole spices being freshly ground, and the owner showed me huge cinnamon sticks being ground. They reminded me of why it's called cinnamon bark!

    Great to read about Kaumundi and to get to her website. Her work is interesting.

    1. I'd love to try the samosas with you. While I watched Aarti's spot I was tempted to jump in my car and get over there for some. So let's go soon! Re: the Fresnos, removed seeds then cut into thin, 1/2" long slices. The 5-spice was wonderfully fragrant and beautiful too.