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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Boxes on the Hillside

You don't have to make specific resolutions in order to resolve to do something or other.  In fact, if you keep your intentions on the hush-hush then no one but you will know that you've failed.  But no one but you will also know when you've succeeded, and what's the fun in that?

Horse-Ranchy Home Facsimile
So on Saturday, in front of my art & craft friends at Amy-E's comfortable horse-ranchy home, I blurted out an art/craft project that I planned to launch in the near future.  My a/c will be decorative boxes, the kind you want to keep for yourself, but that you also know someone would really like to get as a gift.  They'll be beautiful inside and out, in different sizes and shapes (while still remaining a box), and will call out to be filled with special treasures. 

I Love Breakfast!
With the encouragement of my a/c group to go forward and make boxes, I woke up Sunday morning full of both big ideas and a big appetite.  Isn't it funny how our appetites seem to be bigger on the weekends?  So I made myself a fresh spinach, green onion, and cheese omelet - a term that I use very loosely since I don't bother to try and put the fillings on one side and then flip the other side on top, etc., etc.  Along with the egg creation I had sliced Roma tomatoes with a dash of extra virgin Greek olive oil from Arianna Trading Company*  with a splash of vinegar, plus English muffins topped with homemade orange** marmalade. 

Treasure Box #1
Re-enforced, I sat down at one of my creativity tables and finished up box numero uno.   I hope you like it.  More coming soon. 

 Now if I can just get this song out of my head:




  1. What a beautiful box, and what yummy looking breakfast! A great way to start the week!

    1. Breakfast is definitely one of my three favorite meals of the day, and I'm sure it's one of yours too. Thanks Faye!

  2. Very well put! It's one of my three favorite meals too! But my breakfasts don't have the variety of yours--mainly what toppings I put on my oatmeal. Today it was a chopped Hachiya persimmon from my garden, a few blackberries (sweet ones) and a sprinkling of pepitas and sunflower seeds.

    Speaking of marmalade: Any chance of a post on your wonderful quince marmalade?