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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Russell Stover, Russell Stover, Can You Please Come Over?

Growing up in the Midwest, I ate many Fanny May and Dutch Mill chocolates.  After moving to Southern California I was introduced to See's Candies and their chocolates are delectable and affordable too.
Dutch Mill is no longer in business, Fanny May is now part of a very big company, and lucky for us See's is still going strong.

While I've enjoyed chocolates from many, many other companies, all price points, domestic and international , for some reason one company was not on my radar.  Thanks to my thoughtful friend May, who gave me a box of their assorted dark chocolates for Christmas, I'm now in love with Russell Stover - well not Russell himself, but the dark chocolate covered caramels, nuts, and chews that filled that gift box from May.

From the first bite of the first caramel  I swooned and saw my happy future with the rest of the box.  Since I took this picture I've eaten a few more and there are more to be eaten but I'm savoring them one (or two) at a time.  Seriously, this box of chocolate is a little bit of chewy, chocolate heaven.   Thanks again May for bringing Russell over.

Russell Stover:

Fanny May:



  1. Love this phrase: "and saw my happy future with the rest of the box."

    I'll think of you if I happen to taste some of these chocolates.

    Do you have a favorite Sees candy? Mine is almonds in dark chocolate.

    1. I love the dark chocolate walnut squares, with dc caramels a close second. Good chocolates are really wonderful - even just one brings so much enjoyment. I think I'll go have one now!